Runtime Sharks

Improving the world, one bit at a time

Our team has worked with small and big companies, from start to finish or on existing projects, so whether you're just starting out or want to add new features, let us assist you in your journey.

We are truly dedicated to creating a great user experience. Since every app is unique, we will work with you right from the start and offer guidance, product feedback, create a roadmap and a development plan.If you have wireframes and/ or designs, that's great! If you don't, let us tailor something just for you.

Roland Leth

Founder & Tech Lead

iOS developer since 2011, highly focused on user experience. He has worked with big clients, small clients and on his own projects, but also lead teams at big companies.

Diana Daia

Cofounder & iOS developer

iOS developer since 2016, she has always liked to pay close attention to the smallest details, to make the best for every task and things which she works on.

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